Solar Project

I have alwasy been an observer and adopter of green lifestyles as I fully recognize anthropomorphic induced changes to our planet should be a serious concern for all. If I see a way to reduce, offset or otherwise diminish my carbon footprint I am willing to enact measures to do so. Houston recieves over 204 sunny days per year, with nearly 4 to 4.5 kWh/m 2 of average annual solar irradiance, so I thought installing a home solar array would be a great method of harnessing the power of the sun and embracing alternative energy sources as a means to curtail my usage of fossil fuels. I decided to install 10 275W BenQ PM250M01-270W Monocrystaline Solar Panels, along with 2 older 250W SolarWorld Polycrystalline Solar Panels matched with 250W Enphase micro-inverters. For monitoring, an Enphase Envoy was installed, to precisely track output from each unit, provide statistics and a means of troubleshooting.