Jenny the Jeep

My first car, a 1993 Jeep Wrangler, nicknamed "Jenny", has been my pride and joy since I was 16. Over the years, I have breathed int her new life, befitting her with upgrades and the upmost care; from a completely new suspension system added in mid 2007, to a major power upgade and engine overhaul in 2011, followed by a new softop, interior carpeting and neoprene covered seats that same year. The car was driveable again in mid 2016, after painstakingly re-assembling all of the necessary drivetrain components, along with full checks made on the chasis, electrical, brake, fuel, exhaust, steering and suspension systems. Most things were disassembled, cleaned, and repaired as necessary in order to maintain a nearly factory appearance; however, a few things, such the hood, are noticeable touches of personality and utility. Following an unfortunate fire at my residence, I set out to re-store the factory original Colorado Red on the vehicle in early 2017. All in all, the goals I have set out for myself over the years have been met, and I can fully enjoy all the on and off road benefits this mechanical wonder provides.