A Little About Me

My name is Grant O'Connor and this is my personal website, showcasing some projects (both old and recent). I studied Computer Engineering at Texas A&M Univiersity, a degree combining facets from computer science and electrical engineering (digital electronics). In 2012, I started my career with Bluware, a small software development company in Houston, Texas alongside a team of 5 very talented individuals, developing flight planning software. In October of 2012, I decided to join Kongsberg Maritime Inc. as an Automation Systems Engineer, programming single board computers, control logic and data acquisition systems for the merchant marine and offshore oil and gas industry. I quickly became a workplace guru, taking on tasks suited to high profile, large and complex projects in early 2015. I decided to depart Kongsberg in early 2017 to pursue a new path in the technology field. In 2018, I joined Hewlett Packard Enterprise, working in a small development team of 3 on HPE's Python Redfish Restful Interface Tool and Library. In my spare time, I work on many different IoT, automation and robotics projects all of which provide opportunities to learn and grow in the ever changing field of computing systems and technology.

Reach Out

Do you see that green box lower right corner, that is TawkTo, a chat client, of sorts. If I am online, you can chat with me directly, or, if I am unavailable, you may leave a message. If TawkTo is not working for you or you would prefer to grab my attention by good old Email, no problem, just fill out the form below and send it my way. In any case, I will be sure to respond as soon as I can!